Top Ironworking Companies: Pioneers of the Metalworking Realm

The different types of compagnies we meet in metallurgy.

The professional vocabulary of metal structures includes three professional fields.
Boilermaking, piping and industrial sheet metal work.
Metal construction.
Shipbuilding (in this blog, it is attached to boilermaking and piping).

Boilermaking and piping compagnies

In the interprofessional nomenclature of trades, boilermaking is attached to mechanical engineering while metal construction is listed in the building trades.
Boilermaking occupies a prominent position in the mechanical engineering sector. It is ahead of most of the other sub-branches of mechanical engineering in terms of turnover and workforce, and is present in many of the leading fields of mechanical engineering, for example
The nuclear field, offshore oil exploitation, energy saving, environmental protection, aerospace, railway equipment....

Galvanized steel sheet.

The profession includes nearly 80% of companies with less than fifty employees. These are small and medium-sized companies.
There are three typical profiles:
Assemblers, product specialists and trade specialists.
For me, the boilermaking represents the work of sheets with a thickness higher than 3mm.
The sheet metal work, the work of sheets with a thickness of less than 3mm.
The metalwork, the work of profiles (square tube, round, round tube, etc. ...)
The trade of pipe maker, which as its name indicates, performs work of ..... Piping...

companies working on site

The metal construction is a body of state of the BTP (Building, public works in France).
Its activities extend from the study to the assembly on site, including calculation, drawing and manufacturing.
It builds structures as varied as buildings, industrial or agricultural buildings, bridges, footbridges, pylons, silos, lifting equipment and drilling platforms.
Nearly 20,000 people in France work in 400 companies with a wide variety of profiles: specialized design offices, manufacturing workshops, assembly and lifting companies, etc.

Construction site of Wallid Guergour