the welder's job



How to start a career in welding?

1. The welder's job.

The welder can be called upon for two types of intervention: - New work. - Repair or maintenance work.

New work.

New work on welding

Welding work may be carried out on :
Boilermaking (assemblies made up of previously shaped metal elements), in ordinary or stainless steel;
mechanically welded assemblies, in non-alloy or stainless steel.
The assemblies can be made on sheet metal or on tube, with or without support,
according to the standards in force, the quality class chosen and the details defined in the welding booklet.

Repair or maintenance work.

Maintenance with welding

The components of machines, guiding or conveying systems can break as a result of thermal and/or mechanical fatigue.
In most cases, the parts to be repaired are contaminated with grease (oil, grease) or materials with which they have been internally or externally treated.
The parts to be joined must be free of all contamination.
- The welder should therefore :
- Degrease using a suitable solvent (trichloroethylene, acetone....)
- Strip by grinding or sandblasting.
- Search for possible micro-cracks by dye penetration or magnetic particle inspection techniques, or even by radiography or ultrasound if he has to carry out a high security assembly.

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