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Graduation hat of Wallid Guergour.

Here is a website that I made thanks to my knowledge in computer programming and graphic design. The goal is simple, to allow everyone to have access to a wide range of tutorials, courses and resources on welding, boiler making and computer programming from Python to Haskell.

Hammer and Anvil of Steel Technics Welding

The currents welding processes


welding processes

Gold mine for Wallid Guergour Arc Welding Specialist

The weld bead


weld bead

Steel Beam of Wallid Guergour Sitck Welder

The weld bead in depth


weld bead in depth

Icon of Gas bottle Steel Technics

Gas actions in welding


gas actions


Becoming a welder

This article aims to explain in a simple way the role of a welder in industry or construction.

becoming a welder

Knowledge of welder

welder, skills and knowledge

A short list of the skills and knowledge that a welder uses.

skills & knowledge

Open courses for Python and Haskell

For me, programming (and graphic design) remains an important vector of freedom. Thanks to these skills I succeeded in creating this website from A to Z. On this page, I'll share some short courses of computer programming, pragmatic enough to avoid you hours of videos and readings to learn the rudiments of a language.

Python variables

Python for arc welders?


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Python conditions

How to use Python conditions


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Python conditions

Python data and variables

We will have the opportunity to detail the different types of numerical data later on. But before that, we can already discuss a very important concept.

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